What makes video go viral?

I went to a business breakfast this morning. There was a talk on viral videos which I thought would be quite interesting. Afterwards I felt a little cheated as what I’d seen was nothing more than a modern day advertising campaign. When I think of viral videos I think of something cheap and funny which has become popular by mistake and is something quite human humorous.  I thought I would have a look on  TED talks and see if anything had been said before. I must admit I am very satisfied now that I have seen Kevin Allocca’s TED Talk on “Why Videos go viral.” – He is the Trends Manager at Youtube.  I must admit I love the young cat viral. 😉 Watch the Ted Talk here.  Why Videos go Viral

Viral Video is not about money but Twitter, humour and tastemakers, which was something not mentioned at the event I went to this morning and is vitally important from a PR persective.

As far as a company viral video is concerned the best I have ever seen in the Tippex Campaign.  Hunter and Bear Campaign


Middle Earth Carrier Air NZ Surprises Passengers with Hobbit Safety Briefing

Air New Zealand have got very innovative with their in-flight safety video.  It must have been a riot on the plane the first time it was aired.  This is some good PR for Air New Zealand – I am sure there will be many views and lots of talk.