Ed Miliband’s drastic change in image

I wrote a little about Ed Miliband in 2012 about how he could change his PR image. My goodness in the last 6 months he seems to have changed drastically.  I suppose it is things you do to gain support of the masses.  He has slowed down his speech a lot.  He looks a lot calmer as well.  He has stopped the usual tell sign of closing his eyes every time he finishes his key message.  I am sure he is working on it hard though because it has reduced quite a lot. It did manage to happen during the launch of the Labour manifesto and his tongue also managed to pop out a few times which makes which left the viewer raising their eyebrows. He is trying hard but it is one of those things when you hope he’ll have a day when everything goes right and it doesn’t.  Winning an election does not have to be pretty

I must admit I looked at the Foreword written by Ed Miliband of the Labour Manifesto. The first paragraph is not promising unless he is trying to prove he is uneducated.  “We are a great country. With great people. In the last five years I have heard your stories, your hopes and your dreams. And I have heard too your frustrations.”

I suppose this is his speech notes and a full stop is a breath rather than a comma. No, he uses a comma as well, who knows what for though. I find it difficult to understand the sentence – “With great people.” It makes no sense at all by itself.

After today I have noticed a very clever political ploy – Get an actor to say your words and guarantee something you can’t deliver. Then say you have better values than your opposition! 😉  Martin Freeman in Labour Ad  My thoughts are what happens if you cannot deliver your guarantee? It’s quite simple – you put back your goalposts so that you are never wrong. Even better, never give a date by when you are going to do something – just say you want to do something when you are in power. The “unthinking” masses will then go for the leader that want to change things for the better.


David Axelrod is working hard!

david axelrod


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