What makes video go viral?

I went to a business breakfast this morning. There was a talk on viral videos which I thought would be quite interesting. Afterwards I felt a little cheated as what I’d seen was nothing more than a modern day advertising campaign. When I think of viral videos I think of something cheap and funny which has become popular by mistake and is something quite human humorous.  I thought I would have a look on  TED talks and see if anything had been said before. I must admit I am very satisfied now that I have seen Kevin Allocca’s TED Talk on “Why Videos go viral.” – He is the Trends Manager at Youtube.  I must admit I love the young cat viral. 😉 Watch the Ted Talk here.  Why Videos go Viral

Viral Video is not about money but Twitter, humour and tastemakers, which was something not mentioned at the event I went to this morning and is vitally important from a PR persective.

As far as a company viral video is concerned the best I have ever seen in the Tippex Campaign.  Hunter and Bear Campaign


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