How to break 100 and rapidly reduce your golf scores

Taylormade White Smoke Putter
Taylormade White Smoke Putter –

You don’t have to knock the dimples off the ball on every tee shot in order to lower your score. As a beginner the putting green is the perfect place to rapidly lower your score. So many shots are added to a beginner golfers scorecard due to missed putts which in all honesty are almost criminal acts preventing them from lowering their scores.

Make a note of how many putts you make in a round of golf. Are you 3 putting? How many times? If you add up all your three putts e.g. In a round you may 3 putt on 5 holes. If you scored 104 for the round you can see that if you had two putted on those holes that you would have broken 100. The easiest way to practice is to putt balls a certain distance consistently.

I like to putt the distance of my golf umbrella. That distance can be a tester but if you keep putting that distance either at home every night on the carpet or even the practice green at your local golf club. Putting is a skill like being a guitarist. How good do you want to be? The more effort you put in the more you will be rewarded.


Mistake by Golf Beginners: Sacrificing Strategy for Power

The infamous Charles Barkley Swing!
The infamous Charles Barkley Swing!

A big mistake beginners make is sacrificing strategy for power. Forget about being greedy in getting distance as a beginner. You are not Tiger Woods or Ernie Els so just play the game with normal golf swings keeping to the middle of the fairway and you will greatly improve your golf scores very quickly. Don’t gamble! Just play the game.

Let’s take an example – Try looking at using golf strategy to your advantage rather than trying to lash the dimples off the ball on the tee. By that I mean that a beginner will thrash a golf ball off the tee hoping to get a 250m driver so that the next shot may be a chip or medium iron into the green.

The reality is that the ball is sliced violently or even missed on some occasions. So the second shot may end up being played from a bad lie in the rough. This makes it a more difficult shot to play with chances of duffing here being extremely high. The ball may even go out of bounds so you could be playing shot number three off the tee. That second tee shot could be very nerve wracking especially if your aim is to bogey the hole. Forget about maximum power and look at what you achieve when you hit the ball normally at the golf range.

If you are hitting a 4 Iron on average 150m and a par 4 is 400m. Playing with a 4 iron you would be at 300m after two shots with a 100m shot into the green. That would leave you with two putts for you to finish the hole and be one over par. This is scoring a bogey on a par 4 without the use of your woods.

Relax and take it easy during your round of golf. It is not the person who hits the ball the furtherest but the one who gets the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots.

I’ve launched a golf website –

I have been busy over the last week or so putting together a golf website for golf beginners.  Being such a lover of the game I find it quite rewarding helping out the golf newbies.

I suppose offering some help to the weekend hackers or weekday skivers will be good for any golfer looking for a few quick tips to shave off a few strokes during their golf round.   I must admit sorting out the social media and backdoor analytics of a new website is as addictive as Candy Crush and getting to the next level.

My favourite page so far is but maybe you would prefer the golf jokes –

All my golf buddies please do me a favour and have a quick look and send me some feedback. Any feedback (good or bad) will be much appreciated. The site is changing daily so send me your favourite golf joke or the best golf tip you ever heard as I am on the prowl for content.  My golfing email is –