The Pleasure and Pain of Leadership for Labour

I think the Labour party are in a difficult place right now. Especially when you look at the list of MPs and wonder who can chukkastand their ground in Parliament against the Prime Minister.  When I see Chukka Umunna in the running I have to smile to myself as personally I think he is too young and inexperienced for the post right now. He will be in a better position in 5 years time when he can fight it out in the next general election with David Miliband in being leader of the Party.

One would tAndy Burnhamhink Keith Vaz the Labour stalwart would be front and centre for the new leadership role but as politics goes his 2001 issue would come to the fore once again so he is out of the running.   Whoever is elected new leader of the Labour Party will be cannon fodder for the Prime Minister who has years of experience of dealing with PMQs.  Labour needs a new team in a time when the Conservatives are a well-oiled machine. If anything, the next 5 years may be a bit easier for the Tories as they are free from their shackles with the Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Yvette Cooper is an interesting choice for leadership. She has the experience and Ed Balls is her husband. Personally if he had kepYvette-Cooper-at-Labour-conference-Manchester-2014t his seat he would have been leader in my opinion. I think it will be between her and Andy Burnham although I think Diane Abbot should try again. Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott are the only two Labour hopefuls left after the 2010 Labour leadership election.  Whoever the leader is, they will need to create a strong unit. This is quite difficult at the moment as everyone points fingers and gives there opinion why things did not go Labours way in the latest elections. They will need to bin their election manifesto and have a complete rethink looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and putting together something thDiane-Abbottat will unite a nation behind them into believing that they are the leadership for them.  It will be hard work but nothing like putting together three 5 year plans and taking the country forward into 2030.

The new team could be the new young leaders of tomorrow headed by Tristram Hunt with Andy Burnham and Chukka Umunna in support. Something similar to the 1997 big three New Labour team of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson.Blair_Brown_Mand

In the meantime Team Tory is full steam ahead in trying to get the country out of deficit with the SNP acting as a dropped anchor in slowing the process down


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