I’m Looking for a Literary Agent

Crickey I’ve just realised I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to editing my own copy.  I know how a painter feels now and I wonder if I’ll ever be satisfied with the final product – Well of course I will when it is in print! 😉

I’m looking for a literary agent specialising in childrens stories at the moment.  There seems to be a lot out there but it is the fear of the unkown and who not to trust with my (blood, sweat and tears) manuscript.  I’ve done exactly what they want – sent a synopsis, the first three chapters and a cover letter.  Looking at how much J.R.R Tolkien wrote I’m surprise he did not end up in the loony bin.

I get bored quickly and have a lot of ideas so in reality I have one main book I write but then do bits of other books I have started so I’m never bored at writing one particular book – writers block is none existent. yaaay!

Well I’ll keep you informed how my manuscript gets on – sent to two agents yesterday – that brings to a total of 6 agents overall so far.  Someone doesn’t know it yet but they are going to be blown away by my fantastic story.



I’ve Finished Writing My Book. Now What?

As a PR man word count has always been important.  This is because I have been taught if I write too much some information may be left out and if I write too little I am missing an opportunity.

Writing a book you would think finishes when you come to the end. Well that’s what I thought but it all depends on your target audience.  I have written  a childrens novel. (Yet to be published) My audience is the 9-12 age group and in the past that would have been around 50 000 words. My novel is around 53 000 words and I am wondering if that is too short thanks to the lengthy novels of JK Rowling.  It is one of my 2012 resolutions to find a publisher so I have 10 happy months to go and I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 😉