Controversial Art vs Politics

The current hilarious news story in South Africa about the uproar over Brett Murrays artwork “The Spear” is almost like something out of George Orwells Animal Farm. Cue the ANC who will be playing the role of the pigs and JZ playing Snowball. The rules are something along the lines of all of us are equal except some are more equal than others ..oh and boy do they love whisky!  Lets take the Freedom of Information Bill – the government were quick to say yes and be world leading in that but no thought had gone into it. Surprise! Surprise! A complete turn around in late 2011 with the Protection of State Information Bill after corruption is being reported. Everyone is all for Freedom of Speech – Freedom of Expression – Freedom of Religion. However this morning’s comment in the Metro was priceless. The ANC have called the artwork (The Spear) ‘An abuse of artistic freedom’. That is something I expect to hear from China or the late Kim Jong Ill.  If I was the artist I would be thinking Cha…Ching!!. Forget about two people defacing the painting as it can always be painted again– now due to popular demand – I am sure the prints will be a sellout.

I can’t believe President Zuma hearing of a rape charge was like water off a ducks back but a painting of him and his feelings are hurt even likening himself to a rape victim. Wash those feelings right out of your hair Mr President with a power shower!!    There are better things to be thinking about in the country like the governments artistic abuse of the roads, housing and much more which affect many lives daily. Try doing something original like creating a lasting legacy which is positive for the nation.

In Europe Greece are living up to their name in the European Economic Toilet. They are circling the bowl as most of the EU nations take turns in flushing.  As a real ‘greece’ stain in europe exists no amount of flushing will get rid of this nation in the short term.


BBC Correspondent John Simpsons book – Unreliable Sources

I’m reading a fantastic book at the moment on how the 20th Century was reported – It is John Simpsons – Unreliable Sources.   – sometimes the 20th century was not exactly truthful.  A good read if you are worried about reputation managemrnt on a daily basis.

When you think about it, the UK press were doing things in the late 1800’s that Edward Bernays talks about in his book Propaganda which was published in 1928.   The Boer War is an absolute eye opener.  It is amazing what you get told growing up and then find out what really happened when you are older.  I would think that any person going into a PR or journalism career should read this book.