The Brexit Palaver


How could I not have a chat about Brexit when British politicians seem to bbrexie circling the toilet bowl after a referendum most people thought was laughable because realistically no one would want to be out of the European Union.

As far as politicians are concerned it seems everyone now has an opinion but nobody wants to stand up and lead.  This is purely because whoever is the next Prime Minister will go down in history as being the person who signed article 50 to start the proceedings in taking the UK out of the European Union.

I think everyone is still in shock with what happened on 23 June – Europe, the UK and the rest of the world all woke up on 24th June thinking brexi1what does this mean?

So David Cameron who campaigned to stay in the EU has decided to step down as Prime Minister – he can’t take the UK forward in removing itself from the European Union.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand  – the man who has the biggest kahunas in British politics at the moment also campaigned to stay in the EU but now has changed his mind and wants to lead the Labour Party in the UK to leave the EU. Many of his fellow Labour politicians think this is ludicrous and many labour politicians see this as their moment to lead the party but none are coming forward. Why?

Anyone can shout but few can lead! Many are telling Jeremy Corbyn to stand down but who will take his place?  I was not a fan of Ed Miliband but he was slick brexi2and had his key messages and soundbites unlike Mr Corbyn. Mr Corbyn seems to be a man from the past thrust into political leadership and now has no intention of leaving.

So what is the issue of Brexit and why are people worried?

The biggest shock after the result was that everyone was waiting to hear what the big plan was to go forward and go it alone. Everyone waited… and no one came forward with what the plan was to take the country forward.  No one was expecting the people shouting the loudest to get out of the European Union to suddenly keep quiet after the result. Were they in shock as they had no plan?  I was waiting for the big plan but it just seems it was shouting with no substance. Well done – they have managed to convince the uneducated masses into believing the immigrant boogie men will now be sent packing from the UK.  This could not be further from the truth and yet this is what many voters were thinking when they took to the polls for this now historic referendum.

What do we need?

Quite simply we need someone to lead the country right now. Someone who can make decisions and someone the country can love and believe they have the country’s back.  Whoever leads the Labour Party is irrelevant at the moment. People don’t care.  The next few months will be very interesting. Who will gain the support for leadership within the Conservative party?

More doof doof moments in British politics than Eastenders

At the moment the country is once again flummoxed  – this time with Boris Johnson not putting himself forward as leader for the Conservative Party.  I suppose the message had got out that many people were quite worried that Donald Trump and Boris as a team with fingers on the nuclear buttons are definitely a concern.

So who are the contenders so far? 


Stephen Crabb


Liam Fox


Theresa May


Michael Gove


Andrea Leadsom



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