PR, Web 3.0 and Social Media Analytics

Web 2.0 a few years back was all about going out and being social online. You needed to make friends or get connected or tweet with tweeple but now you have a social life whats the next thing to do? Web 3.0 is all about doing something with those friends and connections you have made as well as sifting through all the conversations to find out what people are saying about you or your organisation. This is very interesting especially if you are working in Public Relations.

In the past you would send out a press release and see how many publications picked up your story. You would then check if the stories were positive or negative and then do a tally to see if the overall pickup was psoitive or negative. Well now with social media there is the added advantage of social and website analytics.

After you send out a press release is there an increase in the number of hits to your website? I love the idea now that you can do social media analytics with the likes of Radian 6 and Adobe Social Analytics – I quite like Hootsuite. I like as a PR strategist to be able to view peaks and troughs in realtime of social media communication mentioning your organisation. When there is a lot of messaging it will be almost impossible to read all the messages however if you can put a timeline to when there was a peak in speaking about your organisation and when there was a trough or dip in communication – if you are able to say what specifically caused those readings then it will make your campaigns a lot more interesting and something more to show your clients or superiors.

To be honest it will be the specific audiences you are targeting who will be your gems if they start communicating with their friends and colleagues about you in a positive way. It is valued audiences which at the moment I dont think can be separated from social network users in general. In an ideal world I would like to be able to get a value (0-10) for social media communicators and my target audiences. I would love to be able to have a look at the feedback and see that there was a peak of 10 000 people talking about my organisation and then be able to break down those 10 000 into ‘influencers’ and ‘socialisers’. I would also like to get an average on the social network communicators so that of the 10 000 there was an average of about 8 out of 10 value of my target audience who are communicating about my organisation. Well I can dream or I could also start working on designing my own analytics of PR people! 😉


Newspaper Howler

As a PR student you get asked to read the newspaper every day. That was quite a few years ago but I still have a thirst for news and like to read it where I can. I came across something unusual today. I just happened to be looking at a local paper and spotted something I have not seen in years. I think the proofreader was on holiday. Take a look in particular at the caption to the picture. Oops! Either that or the local Councillor is very angry indeed! 😉 Double click the image if you need to enlarge it.

Have you seen anything that made you smile recently in the paper?

The Manipulation of Democracy

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about democracy. A lot of people say it is a great system and I’m sure it is however it is so easy manipulated. I was watching a documentary where Noam Chomsky commented on democracy. I think the example he used was that if we were in a truly democratic society that the masses who earn the least would want money from the few who earn the most. For me working in public relations is a means of changing the minds of the masses. So when I look at the bigger picture – if you occupy the minds of the masses with trivial games like sport and computer games and even Facebook games and more the masses are more occupied in something where the result is meaningless.
This is good for the rich few as the masses minds are not focusing on those few. However when it is time for an election the few that are in power then link themselves with sports stars and movie stars so that the masses aspire to become like the politicians and sports stars. I find another tactic that politicians use especially when on the campaign trail is scare tactics. This can be in the form of telling people that there will be fewer jobs, less food or even more crime. No one wants these outcomes and so they then think if we vote for this candidate he will stop this from happening. In reality they may not be fewer jobs or less food or even more crime but because an authoritative figure is saying such things they believe it. If you watched the Florida primary earlier this year you would have seen this in action with the Republican presidential candidates. My favourite or was Rick Santorum who said that he believed in fundamental freedoms.

What are fundamental freedoms you may ask? I wanted to know too and so I looked it up. Fundamental freedoms are things like: Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression.
Who in their right mind would not be for fundamental freedoms? So is this just a tactic by a politician to ensure that if the masses agree with him on most things then they might also agree that he might make good decisions when it comes to important decisions?

I find communicating with the masses or general public or audiences to be quite fascinating as to really influence them it has nothing to do about what you say but in how you say it.

Very interesting presentation – I wish all the newspaper inserts were comics. There would be less of them in the bin and I might even read some of them. I remember working for JVC and I was told in Japan they use comics to teach workers what to do. So if there is a new health policy they make a comic so that they can communicate with everyone in the organisation. I hope this is the future of communicating with the masses in the future. It will be entertaining.

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Yaaay to the PR industry! 😉

Tellem Grody Public Relations - Los Angeles, CA

Everyone knows that public relations people are the smartest, most creative beings on the planet next to chimps, so it comes as no surprise that we also “rock,” literally.  In a recent survey of public relations colleagues, we discovered that there is another life after PR.  Or rather, after hours.

I’m sure that if we had the time and money to survey the whole universe of PR people, we would discover that there was enough talent to raise the Titanic, build a car from scratch and disassemble and reassemble an iPad.

What talents did we uncover among our survey?  We have among the respondents:

  • professional drummer
  • keyboard player
  • disc jockey
  • bass player
  • Wheel of Fortune winner
  • hip hop dancer
  • mortician who embalmed two people
  • National Hockey League statistician
  • Tyra Banks impersonator.

Among the rather kinky responses to the same question – “People would be surprised if they knew I…” there…

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No I’m not mad – I really am talking to my computer

I am totally amazed by today’s blog post as I’ve not used my keyboard at all. I have been trying out some new software Dragon Naturally Speaking. I had used it in the early 1990s and it was still in its beginning stages. However, testing it out this morning I am amazed at how fast I can speak and it recognises every word. I wonder how long it will be until the iPad will have speech recognition commands as well. If I’d known that the software was so good I wish I had discovered it earlier. I would definitely have tried few chapters of my book by dictating into the microphone instead of me tapping away at the keyboard. I realise now that I can send e-mails with my voice as well as open new documents and more. I don’t know who the company was before he was involved with dragon naturally speaking but I see now that the company is called Nuance. I’m sure I will be doing a lot of talking over the next few days to try and catch out this amazing software but so far it feels as if the software is reading my mind. It is fun to use but I don’t know how I would use it in the work place. I would need to do a lot of practice with the voice e-mail in order for me to be comfortable using it quickly. At the moment my two finger typing is no longer however my grunts and groans now have to give way to crisp and clear vocal commands.