Labour Say One Thing and Do Another – That’s The Game Called Politics

I was passing the venue on Friday of the location where this years Labour Party Conference is going to be held this year and you will never guess who is doing the security for the event!!! G4S

I think that is amazing since Ed Miliband said this not so long ago.

Ed Miliband bashing G4S

Makes me think of the ice-cream scene in the film Thank You For Smoking. 😉 Hmm maybe G4S is the Labour Party’s new chocolate!


2012 is Romney vs Obama but Where the Hell is Joe the Plumber?

Frustration reigns as I watch the American Presidential Campaign and to be honest I’m still not convinced Mitt Romney is the man for the job of President. He may be good in business but that does not mean he can run a country too. On the other side of the voting pendulum I’ve been watching the Democratic Convention which was so sickly I felt like throwing up a few times.

I was brave and forced myself through the drivel to hear what they had to say. When you really listen to what they are saying they are really saying nothing but a few key messages to make the masses say yes I will vote for you and if I don’t then I am anti-American. I wish American politicians would stop talking about other people like “Mary Harris” in unkownville doing three jobs to put her 5 kids through university. Truthfully it is a great story to listen to – it tugs on the heart strings and it does not involve a politician having to say what their strategy is. Uh tactics are nothing more than emotional piracy to win votes. My honest opinion is that if you are a capitalist country you don’t have to start creating policies that make communism and your policies a little hazy.

Obama in the 2008 Presidential Campaign had Obamacare that stood out for the whole campaign. I honestly can’t say what Mitt Romney’s messages are except “Vote for me – I have been the head of many companies and know how to create jobs.” I think Romney really is missing the likes of Lee Atwater to create a memorable campaign so that win or lose. Obama was very clever though wheeling out Mr “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski” yup Bill Clinton – the same man four years ago who had a pop at Obama when the campaign was on against his wife Hillary in the race to be the nominee for the Democratic candidate for the 2008 Presidential Elections. I think subconsciously the American public see Bill Clinton as the man who beat one Bush out of the White House. He is a success unlike Obama who is seen not to have done much in his first term. Bill Clinton’s endorsement is vital for the 2012 Obama Campaign. Especially when both Presidential Candidates have no policies that make them stand out and be memorable. Although, Obama seems to be saying “It’s not me! It’s You!”

I have noticed that there is no Joe the plumber in the 2012 Presidential Campaign so far. I am sure a Joe the Plumber story is bound to come out nearer to the presidential debates. A Joe the Plumber will be something that everyone will follow and take people away from the real issues of the presidential election. In an ideal world there would be less Ra-Ra and fireworks and more talk about real issues. But hey that’s not American. Instead we will just sit back and watch the greatest show on earth as the presidential campaign goes on. I do wonder why the wives need to get involved with campaign speeches though. But that is another post entirely – for now as the Americans go to the voting booths in early November the winner will be the candidate who puts on the best show.