My Top 10 Cool Websites

You are guaranteed to be entertained and informed on these sites – Have fun!
1. – TED Talks – Inspirational, funny and informative talks

2. – Info on social media and what is currently trending

3. – keep up to date with newspapers from around the world

4. Learn something new if you have some spare time on your hands

5. – A great site to find out exactly what it says on the tin!

6. Find out what journalists are writing about what

7. ZA News – Great satirical comedy of South African politics – Jub Jub is my favourite!

8. Business video clips on social media marketing

9. –Google search’s hidden secrets

10. discovered this one on my iPad – I think it is more of an app than a website but it has hundreds of university lectures and notes — including Stanford, Yale and MIT —They distribute lectures, slide shows, PDFs, films, exhibit tours and audio books all through iTunes U and its free.


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