Those guilty in the phone hacking scandal will have a sleepless night tonight

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will announce tomorrow, 24 July 2012, at 11am outside the CPS whether or not they will be prosecuting over the phone hacking allegations.  Legal adviser Alison Levitt QC is expected to make a statement at around 11am whether anyone arrested under Operation Weeting will face prosecution.

Many high profile names are sure to be involved and I am sure from numerous newspapers including:

  • Andy Coulson former editor of The News of the World Newspaper and also former  Director of Communications for Downing Street will almost certainly be prosecuted if any prosecutions take place.
  • Rebekah Brooks – former News of the World Editor and News International chief executive.
  • Raoul Simon , deputy football editor of The Times

The Washington Post and ABC News have a breakdown of the developments in the phone hacking scandal at the following links:

The Telegraph has listed those involved and arrested so far at:


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