G4S Messages Not Strong Enough

I was surprised by the answers of G4S Chief Executive, Nick Buckles today.  As the head of an organisation that employs over 600,000 people worldwide in security I thought his answers would have been a lot more robust and firm. He did not come across as a leader when it was the perfect opportunity to put the nation at ease and the MPs.  What I remember most about the questioning today is that one of the speakers for G4S said that they regretted signing the contract.

As a Communications person if I was working for them I would be battering them around the ears with my notepad in the car on the way back to the office.  No matter what G4S say in the coming days admitting to a shambles and regretting signing the contract is unforgivable.  For such a large organisation why are they not getting key messages sent out very often to put peoples’ minds at ease?  This is a perfect example of when there is trouble if you think keeping quiet is the best thing to do and people will all go away you are seriously mistaken.


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