G4S’s Main message at Westminster on Tuesday 17 July 12pm

I have been seeing a lot of news coverage on G4S at the moment and that Nick Buckles, G4S Chief Executive and Ian Horseman-Sewell, global events specialist for G4S will face MPs at Westminster on Tuesday.

I watched the Daily Politics show today and one woman was calling into question the whole organisations trust which made me almost laugh out loud. I think this whole affair has been blown out of proportion and to be quite honest the armed forces are involved and the issue is solved. However I am sure there is a question of money, what the security contract is worth and how much the organisation will have to give back for not supplying the agreed amount of staff. There has been much speculation however it is believed G4S were initially asked to supply a smaller number of security personnel but as time got closer to the Olympics they were asked if they could supply more staff.

When you think about it, offering temporary security staff 4 years in advance, I don’t think any organisation in the world can guarantee it, especially if the staff need to have very specific training and get security clearance for such a big sporting event. Personally if it was me looking to get a job working in security for the Olympics I would ask myself is it worth committing myself to a few weeks work during the Olympics and then back to unemployment straight afterwards as the amount of work is no longer needed. I could look at other jobs which offer more security to me in the form of long term employment.

As far as Tuesdays showdown with MPs seeking their 15 mins of fame by bandying together like slobbering wolves itching at the opportunity to attack G4S and point a finger. Personally I think it is more a Ra-Ra session for politicians than something that will have a positive outcome for future events. Looking at positive messages for G4S on Tuesday it would be good to look out and see if Nick Buckles mentions any of the following:

• The most important message they must get across is: G4S is committed to providing highly trained staff and will not waiver on that commitment if it endangers the safety of the public.

 • How many staff they have in the UK and how many jobs they provide.

 • The quality of their staff and the pains they go to ensure they provide the best possible service.

 I will be looking out especially to see if MPs thank G4S for their commitment to keeping the UK safe. The London Olympics is going to be a fantastic occasion with many nations going for gold and glory but what many will not see is that behind the scenes the thousands of security people ensuring each Olympic venue will be secure from evil doers.


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