Is Advertising dying or getting larger?

I have been thinking about the advertising industry recently and wonder if advertisers are getting their monies worth in the modern age. Before satellite TV the stations forced viewers to watch adverts and the money received for the ads ran the TV station. Well that was the theory unless you were BBC One.

Now I (as a viewer) have a lot more control about what ads I see.  I can buy a dvd box set and not see any ads – download the programme – also no ads.  Record the programme and fast forward through the ads.  How is that portrayed to the advertisers though – viewers will fast forward through your ads or viewers will record your ads with the potential to be seen many times over.

I think TV audiences for live TV are not as large as they used to be for individual programmes as now there is so much choice with FreeView, Sky and so many other networks.  Advertising on a network I would think would be like advertising in a newspaper – in the fact that there are different channels and in a newspaper there are different sections of news.  So you can decide which section or channel you want your message to be seen.

Where advertising does do well is when there is a quirky advert and it goes viral. Take the Old Spice ad more recently for example or the Budweiser “Wazzuuuup!” ads a few years back. The man on a horse is a perfect example of people telling their friends about a good advert they had seen. But these are few in the enormous amount of advertising that goes on every day.  Do TV adverts still get the large audiences as when there were just a few channels?  It seems with so many channels now there are a lot of people viewing but not all viewing the same thing at the same time.  Well unless you are inAmericaand everyone watches the Super Bowl.

I think advertising should never appear in some places and for me that is on national sports teams clothing.  Whether it is football or rugby or whatever sport the advertising logos should be left in the change room on the sports bags and training wear. I don’t mind it being on regional teams and I doubt there would be many professional golfers without their advertising sponsors to pay for them on the circuit. I am almost certain that advertising logos will appear on Olympic athletes clothing during the London Olympics this year as well.

At the moment I am enjoying being able to stop advertising if I want to or even fast forward if I am watching something recorded.  In my mind this is well deserved as there is not much more infuriating than having to dive for the remote control during ad breaks as the TV sound miraculously increases and then decreases when the programme I am watching comes back on again.  Forced advertising like on YouTube or other sites normally ends in me not viewing that clip and getting a very negative feeling for the advertiser. Is that what advertisers want? I am sure it is not meant to but in a world of instant viewing delaying the process to view something I did not choose to see just frustrates me.  Hmm a good anchor of frustration every time people see your brand.

I think online advertising is still at a learning stage and I’m sure a lot of research is being done to see what advertising can be done online and keep people happy. I think advertising in computer games is a lot more powerful than people think.  I am surprised no deodorant company or clothing company has sponsored a game.  Maybe they have but done it covertly.


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