11 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Public Relations Programme

I read a bit more of the beginning chapters of “Unleashing the Power of PR” by Mark Weiner today.  I came across 11 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a PR Programme and thought it would be a good start to blog and get us thinking about PR Programmes, strategy and target audiences.  I particularly like the question – what media do your target audiences use?  This is very relevant when thinking of the target audiences age whether it is social media or the more traditional media like newspapers.

   The 11 questions are as follows:

  1. What are your organisations objectives?
  2. What are your departments objectives?
  3. What other programmes are currently under way?
  4. What other departments will be affected?
  5. How will you use the research findings?
  6. Who are your target audiences?
  7. What are your key messages?
  8. Who influences that audience?
  9. Which media do your target audience read, watch, or listen to?
  10. Who are your internal audiences?
  11. Who are your internal clients?

Get thinking and start unleashing that PR Power! 😉  In the next few days I will be talking about measuring  PR Programmes.


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