The Manipulation of Democracy

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about democracy. A lot of people say it is a great system and I’m sure it is however it is so easy manipulated. I was watching a documentary where Noam Chomsky commented on democracy. I think the example he used was that if we were in a truly democratic society that the masses who earn the least would want money from the few who earn the most. For me working in public relations is a means of changing the minds of the masses. So when I look at the bigger picture – if you occupy the minds of the masses with trivial games like sport and computer games and even Facebook games and more the masses are more occupied in something where the result is meaningless.
This is good for the rich few as the masses minds are not focusing on those few. However when it is time for an election the few that are in power then link themselves with sports stars and movie stars so that the masses aspire to become like the politicians and sports stars. I find another tactic that politicians use especially when on the campaign trail is scare tactics. This can be in the form of telling people that there will be fewer jobs, less food or even more crime. No one wants these outcomes and so they then think if we vote for this candidate he will stop this from happening. In reality they may not be fewer jobs or less food or even more crime but because an authoritative figure is saying such things they believe it. If you watched the Florida primary earlier this year you would have seen this in action with the Republican presidential candidates. My favourite or was Rick Santorum who said that he believed in fundamental freedoms.

What are fundamental freedoms you may ask? I wanted to know too and so I looked it up. Fundamental freedoms are things like: Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression.
Who in their right mind would not be for fundamental freedoms? So is this just a tactic by a politician to ensure that if the masses agree with him on most things then they might also agree that he might make good decisions when it comes to important decisions?

I find communicating with the masses or general public or audiences to be quite fascinating as to really influence them it has nothing to do about what you say but in how you say it.


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