No I’m not mad – I really am talking to my computer

I am totally amazed by today’s blog post as I’ve not used my keyboard at all. I have been trying out some new software Dragon Naturally Speaking. I had used it in the early 1990s and it was still in its beginning stages. However, testing it out this morning I am amazed at how fast I can speak and it recognises every word. I wonder how long it will be until the iPad will have speech recognition commands as well. If I’d known that the software was so good I wish I had discovered it earlier. I would definitely have tried few chapters of my book by dictating into the microphone instead of me tapping away at the keyboard. I realise now that I can send e-mails with my voice as well as open new documents and more. I don’t know who the company was before he was involved with dragon naturally speaking but I see now that the company is called Nuance. I’m sure I will be doing a lot of talking over the next few days to try and catch out this amazing software but so far it feels as if the software is reading my mind. It is fun to use but I don’t know how I would use it in the work place. I would need to do a lot of practice with the voice e-mail in order for me to be comfortable using it quickly. At the moment my two finger typing is no longer however my grunts and groans now have to give way to crisp and clear vocal commands.


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