Some PR Advice for Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition, comes across as Mr Bean who has decided to go into politics. I would use the term bumbling politician and am sure the Americans would call him a flip-flopper. I personally think the Labour Party is using Ed to get pounded by the Conservative Party each week while they keep well out the way. Blame Ed not us and then nearer to an election quickly replace his brother David in the role of Leader of the Opposition to go up against David Cameron. Unfortunately the Prime Minister is a PR expert so if Ed Miliband was serious about winning in politics he should employ the services of Stan Greenberg or James Carville. Looking at the current bundle of press cuttings I would suggest he watches the documentary ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’.

The truth is it is not his policies that the public don’t trust but the man himself. Leave the rhetoric behind and speak from the heart. Take a breath and relax a bit. Watching Ed Milliband in a television interview almost seems like watching a suicide bomber about to explode. He comes across as so agitated sometimes you would think he is wired up and someone has threatened to flip the switch and send some electrical volts through his body. His dark eyes also sometime come across as intense and wild like.

Tuck your chin in closer to your chest. You have a tendency to lift your chin giving the television viewers a direct view right up your nostrils. No thanks I am already trying to understand you. Is there something wrong with his very nasally voice? In all honesty more often than not I am listening to his pronunciation rather than what he is actually saying.

On TV it comes across like it is a race to get his three points across as quickly as possible. When in reality if he was calm and relaxed and only put forth one point he would be more believable.

He never smiles something David Miliband and David Cameron both do, even Tony Blair did it. Gordon Brown I couldn’t follow a speech because I would be counting how long it would until his next guppy gulp of air.

It may be worth doing a documentary on Ed Miliband so the masses can find out what kind of person he is and what makes him tick. People can’t relate to him at the moment because he is not his brother David who everyone likes or David Cameron who is the Prime Minister, family man and PR expert.


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