Propaganda by Edward Bernays should be mandatory reading for PR people

I have recently finished reading the book called ‘Propaganda’ by Edward Bernays.  I was quite surprised with the information in the book considering it was written in 1928.  I know for a fact it was read by Dr Josef Goebbels and some of the recommendations in the book were used by the Nazi party during World War II.  In a modern society I do wonder sometimes if some PR consultancies are strictly helping clients with PR as in public relations or PR in the sense of press releases and publicity. There are people in the industry who cannot tell the difference.    Although publicity can count for a fair amount of the work, I do like thinking of the bigger picture in a PR campaign — The ultimate goal of changing the mind of the public without them knowing.

I would recommend this book for those looking to find out what the origins of PR are and what the experts were hoping to achieve at the start of the profession.  It is a must read for people in the profession.  Being only 168 pages it is not a long read but is packed full of interesting info that had me hooked from the beginning.

Below is the first part of the documentary Century of the Self which explains the beginnings of PR and the rise of Edward Bernays.


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